Gin Hilbing is produced in small stills in the artisanal distillery of the Hilbing Franke family using an ancient 140 year old recipe the creative skills of Rolando Hilbing, their Master Distiller. The are five fine natural botanicals used in the production of this premium Argentinian gin, the core of which are Malbec raisins, these combine harmoniously with Patagonia juniper berries, wild rose petals from the piedmont of Mendoza, toated coriander seeds from the Pampas region and Linden flowers from centenary trees surrounding the Hilbing family home. All these combine to produce an aroma, and fresh delicate flavor so peculiar to Hilbing gin, with the star of the show being the Malbec grapes. The pure melting water of the Andes Mendocino, and grain alcohol that is distilled continuously four times (distilled tetra), complete this extraordinary and modern gin.

Hilbing Malbec Gin

  • Type: Premium Gin

    Country: Argentina

    ABV: 40%

    Size:  70cl