Elegant and fresh with tropical fruits and mediterranean citrus


Vineyard techniques
Pruning: Guyot. Density of Plants: 4000/hectareYeld x hectare: 11.000 Kg Soil: Relatively deep alluvial based soils of medium texture


Winery Notes
Grillo sicilian indigenous variety receive 12 hours cold skin contact prior to pressing to extract the maximum flavor potential from the skins. Fermentation is conducted at 10-12°c for 13 -15 days to preserve natural bouquet and enhance the typical variety flavors


Tasting Notes
Straw coloured with olive green hues. This elegant Grillo displays a complex mix of tropical fruits and mediterranean citrus. On the palate is fresh with naturally crispy acidity combined with hints of yellow melon and tropical fruit.

Libero Grillo DOC SICILIA