Etheral bouquet with spices and tabacco notes. Full round and harmonious taste.


Vineyard techniques

The soil here is mostly clayey, calcareous and in some points even turfaceous. The weather is typically Mediterranean with moderate winters and hot, windy summers.


Winery Notes

Since 1998, Rocca farm is symbol of the passion Ernesto Rocca & his Family have for viticulture. Composed of two estates, Don Cataldo and Vignali Grandi, it extends along 100 hectares in the common of Leverano, in the heart of Salento, few kilometres far from the Ionic coast.


Tasting Notes

Intense red colour with garnet tints after ageing in older oak barrels. Ethereal bouquet with spices and tobacco notes. Full round and harmonious taste, quite traditional in style with the authentic flavours and warmth of Southern Italy.


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  • ABV: 13.0%


    GRAPE: Negroamaro

    COUNTRY: Italy

    REGION: Puglia

    PRODUCER: Roccavini