A classic, dry bit fleshy, slightly sparkling red wine from the Emiglia-Romagna region of northern Italy.

The lowdown:
There's Lambrusco and there's Lambrusco. One is the low alcohol, sweet and fizzy red, white, or pink version that, shall we say, doesn't have a great reputation. The other, 'proper' Lambrusco, is a sparkling red made from grapes of the same name and is a satisfyingly enjoyable wine with a bit more to it. Medici Eremete's La Favorita, in the latter category, is crisp and bright with an abundance of red fruit aromas and hints of violet. Fresh and vibrant on the palate there are lively raspberry and blackcurrant fruit flavours with light tannins to give it structure and a clean and delicate finish.

When to drink:
Serve it chilled and it's great to pair with Bolognese sauces or Parma Ham and sweet things like chocolate, or raspberry desserts.

Medici Ermete 'La Favorita' Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso Secco NV