About me

I am the alter ego of 01101101 01110010 01111000; digital communication is my world, computers and devices my tools.


Place of birth

The heart of Tuscany – the hills of Greve in Chianti, 300 metres above sea level. Harvested in late September. Alcohol content of between 13% and 13.5% depending on the year.



Mindful of tradition but with an eye to innovation, my vinification and maturation processes takes place separately for each plot and terroir. Once the maturation period is complete, the blend is assembled and rests in a vat for a month before being bottled.


Character and style

Cosmopolitan and sporty, I am liked for my structure and freshness as well as my bouquet which recalls notes of sweet violet and small red fruits.



Florentine steak with grilled vegetables

Hacker Sangiovese

  • TYPE Red, Dry
    GRAPE Sangiovese 
    ABV     16.00%
    COUNTRY  Italy