Wine Makers Notes: The flavours of dark cherries are complemented by some red fruit and savoury, almost minty, notes coming through as the wine opens up. A touch of balsamic and some firm tannins round out a thoroughly enjoyable wine. An interesting one for Rioha fans to try, as it does enough to be different, but still ought to appeal with its similar flavour profile. A good match for roast lamb (like all good Rioja).


Sniffy Sniff: This wine had a very nice bouquet. It has both a sweet and spicy nose. It is a very interesting concept, not sure with to expect when I taste it.


Slurppy Slurp: It definitely had the sweet and spicy components in the taste. I tasted a peppery and spicy flavor with strong tannins that dried out my mouth. But there was a big fruity component that was unexpected for such a dry wine. The complexity of this wine was interesting but it isn't something I would choose to enjoy regularly.

Castell Del Remei Gotim