Type of wine: generous

Grape variety: Palomino Fino

Denomination of origin: Jerez-Xérés-Sherry

Average old age: 3-4 years.


Elaboration and ageing: the fine wine is obtained from the total fermentation of grape must of the Palomino variety. The base wine thus obtained is headed up to 15% vol. of alcohol, in order to favor the development of the flower veil; The natural protection of the yeasts will prevent the oxidation of the wine throughout its ageing and to confer a very special organoleptic characteristics. This biological ageing lasts for a period of five years and is carried out in American oak casks using the traditional Criaderas and Solera system.


Physical-Chemical characteristics:

Alcoholic strength: 15% Vol.

Sugar: < 2gr/L.

Total acidity: 3, 5-5.00 gr/L.

Volatile acidity: 0.15-0.35 gr/L.

Glycerin content: < 2gr/L.

Bodegas Baron Micaela Fino