Aperol Barbieri is probably Italy's most popular aperitif, and for a reason. This bright orange and tart liqueur impresses with its bitter-sweet taste and is an absolute classic, without which hardly anything can be done, especially in summer. Mix Aperol Spritz, Aperol Soda or more by getting a piece of the Italian enjoyment culture with Aperol!


Prepared according to an unchanged secret recipe that dates back to 1919, the liqueur is a perfect composition of various primary components, such as herbs and roots. Rhubarb, cinchona bark, gentian, bitter oranges are only some of the exquisite ingredients that make up this liqueur. Balanced and balanced, it is sweet and aromatic for countless drinks.

Originally created by the Padua brothers, who had an aperitif with little alcohol volume in mind, the 11% liqueur of Aperol still inspires the masses today. Not surprisingly, one can really prepare many different variations with the aromatic and mild aperitif. Thanks to its sweet profile it is not too bitter, and because ft he many herbs it can also be used as a digestif.


In addition to the classic Aperol Spritz, there are of course many other delicacies that you can create with tonic water, sugar syrup or lemon juice, for example. Aperol can also be combined with beer, champagne, white wine, gin, wormwood, vodka or even tequila. If you want to soften it a little, you can use mineral water or juices to help. However, we do not want to deny you the absolute summer drink.

Aperol Barbieri 0.7L (15% Vol.)