Akashi is the whisky brand of a Japanese spirit producer, which is named Eigashima Distillery. This distillery was already established in 1888 and is traditionally selling shochu and sake. For blended whiskies and single malts the company created the brand Akashi.

The Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky has a powerful appearance on the nose with a strong malty component, flowery aromas like chamomile, a little vanilla and sherry. On the palate the blend turns out to be a creamy and smooth dram that shows the flavours of vanilla, some slightly spicy oak and fantastic nuances of malt. The finish is lasting quite long and brings back the flowery notes that were to be found on the nose before. Additionally, a smooth sweetness is making the finish complete. 

The brand Akashi is standing for Japanese premium whiskies, which are produced at the White Oak Distillery. The White Oak Distillery is run by Eigashima. Eigashima was founded by Eigashima Shuzo not far from the city Kobe and not far from the ocean. The first time that the Eigashima Distillery produced whisky was around 1919. Since then, the whole production has changed a bit and adapted to the European whisky standards.

In the 1980s the production of blended whiskies became more serious. Unfortunately it was a quite difficult decade for whisky because of changes in Japan's Liquor Tax Law and due to the immensely raising demand for shochu.

Nevertheless, the Eigashima Distillery decided to go on with the whisky production and even entered the single malt market in 2007. It chose to sell its whiskies under the label of Akashi and increased its production output. This Japanese whisky brand is now known around the world and enjoys a good reputation. Some say it uses traditional Scottish production methods but still shows its own Japanese character.

Akashi White Oak Whisky 40,0% 0,5 l (Japanese Whisky)